How much are you paying per round trip?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by canadian_dude, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Just out of curiosity, I am posting a poll to see what others are paying to trade e-mini's. I just switched brokers and reduced my costs from $5.75 per RT to the $4.15-$4.25 range per RT, based on the monthly volume I trade.

    The reason its not a single figure is because I now pay a $550 monthly platform fee, whereas previously it was incorporated into the pricing.

    Times have changed, 6 months ago IB seemed the undisputed pricing leader at $4.90 per RT, while some place still wanted to charge me over $10 per RT (I declined their offer).

    So my poll question is simple. Approximately how much do you pay per round trip on average, including any monthly platform costs that have to be averaged into your trading costs.
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    hey canadian dude,

    which broker are u with? i thought ib and refco were the only ones with direct access futures in canada.

    there's a past thread from about two weeks ago about futures RT pricing.
  3. Please also post roughly how many contracts per day. This info is vital when comparing rates between brokers.


  4. I just moved to Ffasttrade 2 weeks ago and have been very satisfied with pricing, system speed, connectivity and custoemr service so far. I do NOT work for them, so don't accuse me of trying to generate business for them. They have a rate calculator on their site which I used to calculate my rate, for the volume I do per month.
  5. I pay $9 round turn, but I believe my broker offers rates of about half that for accounts over $25,000, plus a platform fee of $525/month. If my volume ever picks up, I will definitely swith to the reduced commission program.
  6. Let's see how long this list will stay 'virgin' without any of the broker-posters jumping in to tout their rates / service / etc.