How much are you making trading NOW?? POLL

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NDQnCA, May 29, 2002.

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    Just curious on how much money in terms of net P & L that most of us out there are making now.....I know the average is much lower than the good 'ol days of the late 90's but how much are you all pulling out of this market NOW? we're talking NET here (after all overhead-desk fees, commissions, ecn, etc..) If you make more than $15K/ month- what are we talking here? Just curious on how traders as a whole are faring right now....
  2. janko


    how about one more option to the poll,
    How many are loosing money right now, or break even ???
    put me down for +200 since the beggining of the year=- hehee
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    yeah, good call and I didn't think of that one when making the poll- if you've been losing money- is it bad? what constitutes an average losing month? please share your experiences, thoughts and insight by posting to this poll after you vote....
  4. 7 people making mor then 15K a month ??? tell me how :)
  5. interesting how the results are skewed to the exremes...
  6. Either reasonably sized accounts and consistent trading, or a dam lucky streak with huge risks on a small account...
  7. consistent trading ...
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    I agree consistent trading and trading which does not require big trends to work.
    (although they are always big trends somewhere.. you can go there if you can only trade that style).

    also, difficulty with the poll.. it all depends on so many parameters. your size, your margin, your style, independant or not etc...
    such a poll expects all traders to do the same thing more or less, otherwise how can you compare.

    what is more important are your ratios : risk/reward, drawdown, profitability, win ratio, equity curve shape and analysis, trade results distributions and frequency.
    I know it is more difficult than just asking your final net result. but that's the only way to compare otherwise you are comparing apples and oranges.

  9. I would at least like to know the average account size for each group.

    I must say, this is a GREAT site!!!!
  10. Donkell


    I feel pretty fortunate if I make $100 to $200.00 a day.

    Some days, recently, I just sit as there is not much going on in this sideways market.

    I'm holding BEAS right now at around 11.00.

    Recent lows 10.87 and recent highs 11.18.

    So you see what I mean.

    I hope this helps with reality of some that are trying very hard when nothing much is happening.

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