How much are you guys paying to Obamacare per month?

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  1. Since I work full time for a private company I am paying $120 every two weeks

    But if I was a trader working from home, and my income was same, I would be paying close to $500

    So the ones working from home, how much are you guys paying?
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    Tsing Tao

    I work for a private company and pay $215 every two weeks, for a family of three. The insurance is not the best, though, and carries a high deductible.
  3. The company I work for picks up the entire cost, which is unusual these days. 250 deductible/500 for family, basic 80/20 after that with a max out of pocket to me of 5K annually. 2 million annual cap. Far as I know this will remain the same for us.
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    Same here since 1999. We have co-pays. I'd have to ask my wife what our annual deductible is.

    I'm literally the only employee in the LLC I technically work for and the only employee I'm aware of my employer does this for.

    He hasn't mentioned any changes...yet.
  5. Thanks for the replies

    But how about the self employed?

    How much are they supposed to pay?

    Anybody here self employed?


    I've been trading 18 years. I've been told to expect 50 - 70% increase.

    Pathetic thing is I exercise daily, wife makes me eat super healthy, which I don't object to. She's the same .. healthy and works out a lot. One reason we are so on top of our health is that we pay 100% of our premiums, co-pays and deductibles. In the last 5 years I've seen a doctor twice (other than for routine annual physical). So I've paid a shitload of $$$ for health insurance. Now I get to pay a lot more to help subsidize the fat slobs who don't take care of themselves. Plus I get to 'buy' coverage I don't want (or need) due to the mandates of what's required. Analogy? Going to a restaurant wanting to buy a hamburger and they require you to buy a filet mignon.
  7. I am confused

    You are already paying premiums to a private health insurance

    So why do you think govt will force you to pay more for your already enrolled coverage?

    You should not pay extra. You only have to pay alittle more when the premiums are increased by inflation by the private health insurer. This has nothing to do with Obamacare.

    Correct me if I am wrong on these.


    First, my wife and I have a catastrophic policy ($10,000 deductible) since we are both healthy, exercise and so on.

    But ... Obamacare mandates that certain coverages be a part of any of his 'blessed' packages. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages to choose from. So our current policy is not being offered since it doesn't meet all the mandates of Obamacare. I detest having to pay for crap I don't want or need. Our current policy is year to year ... so as of December 31st we need to renew/get new coverage.

    Tonight I plugged in out zip, state, ages, etc. Our estimated annual premium will be about $12,000 or the 2 of us. Currently we pay $4600. So we're looking at a 160% increase.

    My wife drives a Prius ... it gets the job done and meets her needs. Think if she walked in to buy one and the dealer said "No, you MUST buy a Toyota Land Cruiser" ... making you buy something you don't really need. That's what Obamacare is IMO.
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    "Good job Mr president"
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    $12,000 vs $4,600 for what he has now. How about good job you no good tyrant son of a bitch!!!:mad:
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