How much a 2m connection worth?

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    I need to decide if I keep my current office, mainly because life, home, and office are too far apart in the big city.

    Currently an ADSL of 1.5m down and 256m costs about $20 a month, but in my office I have ethernet of 2m to 10m. Even a business ADSL of $100 will not provide that fast speed. ADSL is pretty slow on openning, so I don't really trust ADSL.

    How much are you willing to pay a 2m fast connection over an ADSL?

    How do you back up an internet connection? Using a GSM mobile internet connection?
  2. I use T1's, much lower latency and much higher reliability than anything else
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    opening yahoo is yahoo's problem 1.5 down should be fast enough for anything, only as fast as the data is uploaded to u

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    The cheapest you will find a 1.5 T1 is 400/month. I don't think the original poster wants to increase his costs 20x.

    To the OP, is cable available where you are looking? While the price may be 2+ times your current cost, the increased speeds (generally) over DSL should provide more efficient data retrieval, and thus, possible better trades.
  6. I honestly don't think bandwidth is the issue, 1.5 is fast enough to download any website almost instantly, if it's slow I would suspect either ur connection is unstable(laggy) or ur web browser cache is too full
  7. Check out Verizon FIOS. They are well priced (less than $80 per month I think) and is extremely fast... from what I hear well over 5mbps download.

    I am not sure where you live but in NY you can also check out Optimum Online. I use them and I have downloaded at 2mbs before. I upload at around 230kbps per second.
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    I got AT&T Elite DSL down here in Houston and I'm getting about 5 Mbps. Thats pretty close to the maximum they promised of 6 Mbps. It's only $35 per month.
  9. 48 ms is good in that scenario - 35 is about the ground floor imo for that span.
  10. latency/ping time to the website is the most important thing.

    you should fire up command prompt and try

    ping websitehere


    tracert websitehere

    I personally don't have a problem with bandwidth cause here in New Jersey there is Optimum Online which has fatter pipes than many colleges and corporations. I'm talking about 8+ megabits on a cable connection.

    However I'm on the node with Rutgers and sometimes during the night, especially in the fall when everyone is back at school the ping can get horrific when the node gets saturated. 150-300 ping times to everywhere makes it pretty slow.

    DSL is consistent since it's private but it all depends on the distance between you and the DSL provider.
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