How medias create hates between nations

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I am really sick to read this !!!

    How can they say that french hate not only Bush but all americans ?!!! You would publish the same articles in France and many who love americans would be furious. Those who hates americans are the "natural" haters like communists but the majority of french are not communists.

    In fact there are the same kind of articles made by french medias on american people and I'm sure that it doesn't concern the whole people in America but they would say THE americans.

    This is really a mental mass manipulation.
  2. Yup. Manipulation. Spray water on the monkeys in the cage and watch them attack each other.

    p.s. the link is not working (Except the part that says Looking for a date? Click here to see profiles of single women)
  3. She looks like she has super powers and is a personal friend of Superman or Spiderman.
  4. Wars of Religion will go on forever.

    Why does Lieberman have what he has to say, well obviously he has a strong bias towards Israel. What do you find in France besides Catholics? Muslims, yes muslims, and there are a lot of jewish in France too.

    I'd like to know what a French jewish has to say about this situation. Probably fairly close to Liberman's, possibly with a Euro twist.

    France is not anti semist, this conception could not be further from the truth. Every country has its little inner turmoils, I can tell you that in the US there is a lot more Black/White hate than muslim/jewish hate in France. And that can be seen everyday.