How Marxists took over the Dept. of Education

Discussion in 'Politics' started by W4rl0ck, Jun 18, 2011.

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    They're making a power grab in Xintang, China, too. Jobs, food, pay... what's next, weekends off?
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    Now, if you two clown can actually define 'Marxism' and exactly how these 'Marxists' have taken over education we could get something productive out of this.

    ta ta. :)
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    Hint: you have to watch the video series. No worries, the Marxists will give you a daily bowl of gruel even if you're lazy. You'll love it.

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    Hey genius...please identify the Marxists in the Department of Education and explain why?

    If you can't, just admit you are sucking on right-wing tits and we'll close this intellectual debate right away. :)
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    The Federal Government is not mandated to do anything with regard to education in the Constitution.. the Dept of Education or whatever it's called today is a joke, they use Federal Money to influence States, the States can either take the money or cry foul. They all take the money...