How many Zanger-type traders here?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alexm, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Just wondering how many people trade like Dan Zanger, whom I believe has got to be one of the most influential traders that has come out in the last 50 years.

    Of course we're not really in a Zanger-type market right now so this is probably not a good time to ask this but still, just wondering.
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  3. we absolutely are.

    i would consider myself zanger-like. I swing trade and often go balls out(full leverage) on a handfull of positions.

    Because of my inexperience i've had my ass handed to me a few times this year - but I still have cash, and more importantly, leverage. :cool: :cool:

    I've recently returned to trading based on TA - which worked so well for me last year, thus i'd say i'm even more zanger-like now.

    edit: i'm up 95% from this time last week - the joys/pains of trading options... :D :cool: :cool:
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    tx a lot, sorry, didn't know there was another thread.
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    Since I hear that Zanger is down about 10% ytd I would venture to reaffirm what I said earlier about this not being a Zanger-like market right now.... there really aren't any leaders left in the market right now that are in accord to his standards. I bet he's mostly in cash right now or has a bit of money in the oils

  6. thing is - thought i would say we have similar styles, from what i've know of him, we trade different issues, and still have different entries and exists.

    for what it's worth - his style is perfectly suited for my psychology. find something that fits your personality and you can trade in any market condition.
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    Very well said. Now let's close this thread as I see there was another one addressing similar issues.