how many YM points....?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by buybig, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. buybig


    do you guys try to squeeze out of the contract...

    been trading and paper trading a bit and I notice a true range of about 10 points..

    on occasion 20 MAX....

    looks like 7 is a good lock in point..


    how many points do you trade for?

  2. 10 Pts? What time fame do you speak of?

  3. buybig


    8-10 pt ATR on a 250 vol or 144 tick

    10-14 pt on a 233 tick or 500 vol

    12-15 pt on a 2 min chart


    i have a 10 point sl for a single contract..

    i trade off the 250 or 500 vol chart.. use the others for pattern/indicator confirmation...

    anything beyond 10 pts would dictate a chart larger than 250/144

    understand im familar w/ ATR/SD 1,2,3 +/mean reversion/linear regression..