How many years she will get?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoMoreOptions, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. This greedy unlucky stpuid bitch gets what she deserves. But no one knows how many "they" are around. She herself may be is just a victim, a button let others get away. But after all she is caught. So how many years of sentence she is gonna get?
  2. MRWSM


    I'm still trying to figure out what she did wrong. How many here would not sell a stock if they heard bad news about it? The person who gave her the info should be held responsible.

    Then apparently they are not even trying her for selling the stock. Let's see if I got this correct, the charge is that she lied in order to save her stock from going down.

    That's got to be the most baseless charge I've heard of. As traders we know that stocks are unpredictable and there's no telling how they will react to news. Proof of this is just taking a look at MSO, you would think that with all her trouble her stock would be crashing, instead it's taking off straight up.

    So exactly how can the gov be so sure that her lie would keep her stock from falling? Gov knows squat about the market.
  3. DK_


    Obstruction of justice is very serious and easy to prosecute thanks to computer forensics. Everyone should ALWAYS come clean in any situation where the penalty is just a fine. Covering up and risking jail is insane.