How many years does it take for one to learn the forex trading?

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  1. Forex is a decentralized market place where traders can engage in forex trading from anywhere around the world. And some traders can be efficient in forex trading within some years of trading. But some traders require a lot of years for learning forex trading efficiently. Basically how many years a trader will require to get the acquaintances about the forex trading depends on the abilities a trader. The quick learner and a person with great intuitions and analytical abilities can be better able to learn the forex market within few years.
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    All these years i have never learned /started LOL; doing something with banks money-thats different:cool: So a quick learner could make a big difference, @ bank.; + one would have to really want to trade something.......:caution:
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    Well said. I know some that have picked it up within about 3 months or so, and others that are 7 years deep but still not consistent or profitable. Most do start with the wrong mentality which is detrimental in the long run.
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    Depends on your education background and how much you know finance, if you're alone or have a mentor and how legit that mentor is.
    there are many of those "mentors" in Forex who are only good at selling e-books, webinars and other useless junks.

    Most retail traders like myself started with not much knowledge, we have a job/study so we don't have much time to spend on it and most of that time is spent testing "systems" we found on forums,which are mostly based on voodoo and magic indicators that will supposedly show you the best entry/exit.

    you find a "system" on a forum, test it for couple weeks, realize that it doesn't work and move to the next one.

    This is extremely time consuming and frustrating.

    On average i'd say a retail trader on his own will take between 4 and 8 years before becoming profitable
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    Hmm. I think there's a misconception that you must understand finance and that will somehow benefit you when trading. I can tell you first hand it doesn't really benefit me when trading - but I do understand the context which you're talking about. Maybe you mean basic mathematics and some common sense.

    Agreed with the rest of your points. Most of these "mentors" these days are just internet marketers.

    I would suggest stripping your charts of any indicators for a while and sticking to the higher timeframes - especially if you're working during the day.

    There's a good book called we don't need no stinking indicators which I would recommend. Along with naked forex.

    Try that style of trading, using supply/demand zones and momentum etc.
    Might be worth your while.
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