How many years away are we from a no BS backtesting program?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by krosny, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Newbie here. One message I'm getting in this forum is that today's backtesting programs simply aren't sophisticated enough to account for real world trading conditions. Is there a backtesting program in existence today that gives you a no BS real world simulation of bottom line, in the bank, before tax profits? Or are we still years away from such a program?
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    if existing soft is not enough for you or aren't sophisticated simply create your own. no big deal,works for me :D
  4. How many years away are we from a no BS backtesting program?

    For an eternity for most (95+%).

    Only that rare breed of winners have designed "no BS" backtesting for themselves.
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  6. Never! Backtesting is a fools paradise. All systems work some of the time, no system works all of the time. Start with S/R, add a moving average or two, and trade. Strict money management is the real key to success. In the end, you must jump in to the live fire. Good luck, and welcome to the frey.:D
  7. The other message you should be getting from this is that traders have different needs or looking for something different thats important to him/her while unimportant to another trader at ET.

    To design one backtesting program that meets the needs of all traders regardless to the trading instrument, trading style, data, real like trading conditions that takes into account things that most traders see but don't talk about and dozens of other variables...

    That will be one heck of a program.

    I doubt such can be designed and if I'm wrong...few probably could afford it.

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