How many ways to lose?

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  1. Why do most traders lose? Simple. It is incredibly easy to lose money. As far as I can figure it there is only one way to make money:

    1. You must make a correct call as to market direction then get out with a profit.

    As to the ways you can lose money:

    1. Commission
    2. Give up the spread.
    3. Slippage
    4. Make a correct call but get stopped out before it goes your way.
    5. Make the wrong call as to market direction.
    6. Execution error

    Please feel free to add to the lists as Im sure im overlooking a few.
  2. 2 = 3.

    All in all it is panic and greedy. Day dream that you have the odd totally favor (or against) you.

  3. Just always remember "they" are out to get you.
    "They" know when you enter, "they" know where's your stop and "they" will make you lose every time.
    If you have a winning trade, it's because "they" want to make you feel comfortable.
    But make no mistake, "they" are out to get you, always and forever.

    Enjoy your trading :)

    TM Trader
  4. Amatur+Size=Lose
  5. Sounds so dark.

    A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line.
    ---Jerry Fletcher, movie Conspiracy Theory
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    hehe so true
  7. Smaller is bigger for newbie
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    There are as many ways to lose as there are rays on the Sun.
  10. For me, number one is it...Commissions.

    I know of several methods that would make good money if weren't for um being so much.

    (Make a tick=$7.70...Lose a tick =$17.30) :mad:

    (trading 1 ES with $4.80 r/t)
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