How many trades per month?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Harry123, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. Harry123


    Im curious as to how many trades members make per month. I do about 500 trades per month. Thks in advance.
  2. per month.....Im a 1 stock scalper
  3. How many do you do? I'm wondering if you are the most active here. From what I've seen while lurking on the chat board (I've only been there a few times actually), you probably trade more than anyone here.

  4. 30-50 trades (position trades)
  5. 300-600 month

    (this month i'll probably have done my most ever -- and i've been thinking i should do less. lol)
  6. gnome


    I've been trading since '77. In spite of the conventional wisdom... "less trading is better...", I say HOGWASH. One of the best years I ever had was one where I traded the most. One of the worst was when I traded the least. What really matters is "trading well"... good decisions. FREQUENCY of trade is entirely irrelevant!! :cool:
  7. qdz2


    about 0.5-1K trades, depends.

  8. Momento


    I do an avg of 24 trades a day, so on a 20 trading month.
    ---> APPROX. 480?

    (450 to 500) not more, not less. :cool:

    I am a one stock scalper too when it comes to stock trading.
    (but i find the ES so much better to trade and scalp lately.)
  9. Scalping------------about 25-50 trades a day
    Swing trades-------about 15-20 trades each month
  10. omcate


    10 to 30 option trades per month. Usually, hold the contracts until expiration to reduce commission and slippage.

    :p :p :p
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