How many trades per day for you guys? (Today)

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  1. Hey guys

    Just curious how many trades (average) did you make today?

    Today was a strange day for me for some reason :)

  2. copa8


    2 only...both on KLAC. short +0.21 and long +0.12.
  3. I normally execute about 300 to 500 trades per day. Today has been so boring that I'm actually reading posts during trading hours. I have done about 50 trades today. I scalp futures.
  4. Not quite. My commission is as low as it can possibly be though. I use a direct clearing firm.

    The number quoted amounts to about 1000 to 2000 contracts per day. I don't scalp for ticks unless that is all that there is. Otherwise, I lay into confirmed setups and scale in and out all day. The key in doing this is keeping the losses small and quick and pushing (adding to) winners. It is just classic scalping. No machines, no fancy robots.
  5. Thanks for the quotes. I might be confusing you with roundturns (number of contracts) versus trades.
  6. I see. I'm referring to completed (closed) trades. You are refering to 1374 sides. A trade is in and out mainly on a 3 to 5 lot. If it is still not clear, please let me know. I might need to adjust my terminology.

    The 687 is referring to 687 closed contracts (roundturns) versus my normal for NFP of over 2000 roundturn. NFP is normally my busiest day of the month and accounts for the majority of my monthly take. The same goes for the members of my group. The last NFP and today have been really dry as far as volume and volatility.
  7. doesn't leave a whole lot of time to whack off

    get back to work!
  8. My mistake. As ususual my mouth outruns my brain.
  9. Guess why I'm here posting once every 30 minutes. In this cr*p, I would rather read postings here than trade. I think I'm going to sit back in my lounging chair and read a book or something.

    Didn't you know that whacking off causes blindness, hair palms and weak knees? What kind of a trading career will you have then? :)
  10. No sweat, my friend. It is always good to clarify things I say. If you see it the wrong way, then someone else probably has too. Good luck trading.
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