How many trades for free Tradestation?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sponger, Jun 25, 2007.

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    How many trades per month does a Tradestation user need to make to get the software free of charge?
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    Thanks bro
  4. Sponger seems am apt handle for you!!!:)
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    You might be the only one who understands it:cool:
  6. That would be a sad state of affairs wouldnt it?
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    You are the first, and one and only, to be in the know bro:cool:

    The Northeast is flatter than a pancake right now - I was at NJ, and I've seen more action on a lake, if you know what I mean:(
  8. This seams to be very reasonable you need to trade only 5k sharesto get free trade station not bad
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    The platform fee is waived but the commish is very high and not worth it for volume traders. Also must pay data fees too, so not much benefit.
  10. Who talked volume here? Tell us frankly how much is your net worth? $1k...$2K...$10K

    It's non-sense comments from people like you that make TS and other major trading vendor don't support ET forum anymore.
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