How many trades a day do you consider over trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by magnum29464, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. I kno theres no specific number but I have feeling I over trade and would like to see what others think.

    how many trades a day do yall put on on avg?
  2. neke


    You decide your time-frame, and then you can say whether you are over-trading or not. If you scalp for 1c, you could be doing hundreds of trades a day. On the other hand, if you are holding your positions for the full day, a dozen might be too much.
  3. If Im down 100 bucks on the first 2 - then 3 is too many

    if Im up --- then as many as I can make trading one contract at a time and closing each position before I enter the next
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    The proper number of trades is highly personal. The important questions are: 1) am I profitable, and 2) is the pace sustainable? If you're not profitable, or you feel stressed out, you may be overtrading. If you can answer 'yes' to both, you might try cranking up the heat a little. But don't mess with success too much. If it works, why fix it?
  5. You're overtrading when you're placing trades without sound fundamental reasons (I don't mean fundamental as in fundamental analysis - I mean trading fundamentals - which means watching price and recognizing patterns and having reasons to enter trades). A year ago, if I placed the amount of trades I am placing now, it would have been overtrading. However, my eye sees so many more setups where before I saw noise that what was previously overtrading is now me being under aggressive.

    Are you getting into trades without a good reason?

    If you're learning to scalp, overtrading is good. Eventually you'll see enough setups that you don't need to overtrade, and you won't have reluctance or hesitation about getting in/out when you see it becuase of all your experience getting in/out in the past. You'll also be that much more experienced with the emotions of having a trade on.
  6. NY knows what hes talking about
  7. good post NYOB...

    I agree, some times I make 50 trades in one day and I can say I overtraded [as I was trying to see profits were I could see none]

    Other days I've made over 500 trades, and it's just flowing with the market...

    I think that overtrading is when you start telling the market to give you a good trade, instead of trading what the market gives you.