How Many Traders Wager on Sports?

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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many of you like to wager on sports (NFL, MLB, NHL etc)?

    My past careers have been in trading and I find the fields similar, speculative but while utilizing strong risk management...beatable.
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    I love betting on NFL, watch the chitchat section on September 5th, theres lots of us who bet the spreads on NFL. AAAinthebeltway has the best NFL commentary ever.

    At best i break even on my NFL betting cause i got to pay the spread on my bet, i still like doing it for fun though.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed doing the weekly commentary and picks, but it got to be a bit time-consuming. I will say that I produced a decent winning percentage against the spread, which is a lot harder to do than most people realize.

    I think if one is contemplating being a trader and sports gambling doesn't appeal to you, you need to seriously rethink your career choice. The two just seem to go together.
  5. What do you consider a decent winning percentage?

    I enjoy betting on sports, but purely for entertainment not as a way to make money.
  6. For those that do bet on sports, does anyone use any of the websites out there? I don't live very close to a casino, and all we have in Ontario is Proline which requires you to bet at least three games at a time.
  7. Is it legal online these days? I used to have a book but I don't run in those circles anymore.
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    Keep the thread up this year, i always enjoyed reading your commentary, i will add to it when i can!

    My biggest problem was the spread against the spread....... i.e. i would bet the spread but only get paid 1.7 to 1, i almost always have a winning record, but that .3 per game is a killer, anyways looking foreword to your commentary!! Atleast start the thread...... if you get a chance, you can quit after that, it wont be the same without you!!

  9. I think it's legal in the same way online poker is legal...

    Not technically allowed but the law looks the other way.
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    I have and continue to wager on all sorts of "sports" including the stock market.

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