How many traders here actually

Discussion in 'Trading' started by N.ShoreTrading, May 10, 2002.

  1. trade full time for a living, deriving 100% of their income from trading? And how many of you are home based vs. firm based?

    I am a full time home based trader, but feel there aren't many like me......
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  3. Is this another lead in to one of your advertisements for trading?
  4. Advertise for what? I do not sell anything. I am just curious about the current landscape of traders.
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    check the poll thread.....looks like there are a lot of you out there
  6. Eh, N.Shore, wheah you stay? Een da islands oah da mainland?

    If you're in Hawaii, I'd be interested in knowing your ISP and broker.

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    North Shore: Why do you have a web site ?

    Looking for capital ?

    something... seems... a-miss.
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    Monitor square footage relative to desk space is impressive there in your pic... never seen such a small desk.. how do you manage to make such a profit in your private hedge fund from such a modest desk? Only interested coz I have less monitors and a bit more desk space and am doing worse than you.. wondered if there is any... also, in the background.. is that one of those clocks that tell you what time of the day to trade? I could do with one of those as well perhaps..

    Oh yeah, I trade from home myself

  9. Home based and derive 100% of my income from my wife.
  10. Trade wives?
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