How many traders have hands that hurt?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DagoTradin', Apr 30, 2003.

  1. I try and get up every half hour and do some push-ups and stretches but my wrists and hands still have pain from trading, anyone have any suggestions to keep the pain to a min?
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    BOTH hand hurt? Damn!
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  7. If your hand or wrist is hurting...

    that means your doing EXCESSIVE mouse clicking.

    Excessive mouse clicking usually is the result of having an inadequate computer setup.

    For example...if your using a single monitor while trading several trading vehicles...

    you will find yourself clicking often between charts or chart intervals or lists.

    A single monitor setup is ok for someone only trading one thing only.

    Thus, if you need to see different chart intervals at the same time or following closely a few trading vehicles like me...

    (I watch closely the ES, NQ, QQQ, SPY and TICK)

    your going to need a multiple monitor setup so that you can sit back, relax and watch your monitors...

    instead of spending too much time clicking.

    If your not clicking too much...then there's obviously something else your doing that's not computer related...that's causing the problem.

    P.S. Also be careful about sitting there staring at your monitors with your hand on the mouse with tension being put into your hand, wrist and forearm from the price action eventhough your not clicking...

    its a bad hand posture.

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    My hands and wrists sometimes hurt, and what I do is massage the muscles in my forearms. This makes a huge difference. It also works for the tendonitus I occasionally get in one hand. You can tell which muscles need massaging by how tender they are. Tight muscles restrict blood flow, put pressure on nerves, etc.


  9. you are doing the right thing... but concentrate more on wrist and hand exercises.

    I have grips, and light weights for wrist curls. Also, years ago a friend who was a phy. therapist said to take one hand and use it to stretch your other wrist... flexion and extension... and hold the stretches. Do reps. Try to go further each day, but start slow. I also do back stretches... lying on the ground, and standing upright stretching backwards. And then forward gently, after warming up. And then side to side.

    Also I use an optical mouse... don't know if that makes a diff.

    One more thing... often I try to do squats with a dumbbell in each hand; not all the way down and not all the way back up. Gets blood flowing.

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    Taking your hands off the mouse/keyboard is a good suggestion. Focusing on posture is another. Sometimes you have to work at it. Make sure your hands on the keyboard are at a neutral position. I have a handout from the local university on this kind of stuff: distance of your eyes from screen, neck angle-looking slightly down, knees and elbow angles (45 degrees).

    With any computer related job, there's no reason to wait a half an hour. Of course I often forget! Make it a habit of changing hand positions every 5 minutes. Like in composing this, I took may hands off the keyboard and rubbed them, to re-read it. Let your arms dangle beside you. Little things add up.

    I'm, umm... making a mental note to do this myself!

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