How many traders get pleasure other than money

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Do you get pleasure out of price drop other than money

  1. Yes I LOVE watching a drop

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  2. No, it makes no dif to me at all

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  3. I get pleasure out of UP only

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  4. I sold emotions to devil for trading skills

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  1. Hi

    I get perverse pleasure out of market dropping,

    I like it because I am picturing all those arrogant people who don't do their homework losing money

    It just feels right,

    am I a sick puppy or is this common among successful traders ????
  2. we have one ETer admitting it

    none other than giles117
  3. another one by name of Una11
  4. i get pleasure out of volatility, could care less what direction.
  5. I admit I get stoked when I see a waterfall drop. No actually, its more of a chubby. I also think about the traders saying its only a temporary selloff and Bear Stearns saying its healthy etc. That makes it even better. I lost a lot of money trading the futures (about 20K) until I finally got it and became profitable, and I used to think to myself---"man some dude is laughing his balls off at me, and thanking me for my money".

    Now it's my turn to laugh. Hahaha.

    Good Trading--and thanks mjh
  6. una11


    Mainly due to all the "smart" money getting crushed...the fact that ordinary investors are getting hurt too brings me no pleasure. I'm not rooting for another Great Depression like some on here seem to be hoping for.
  7. OK then, I am not a sick puppy after all


    we are all sick :eek:
  8. I think there's a certain rush to being on the right side of a down market. It moves quickly, and the profits come roaring in.

    As long as the USD doesn't become worthless, I wouldn't mind seeing the country enter another depression. Remember, while they were still the population majority, only those who were caught in the depression with NO money really suffered. For the well-off and rich, the ensuing deflationary spiral actually left them better off, with fewer dollars chasing goods and services.

    I'll admit it. It's not nearly as fun making money in a bull market. True, you make money, but that cash is chasing the same goods and services everyone else is chasing with their new paper dollars. Far better to make money in an environment where the majority are losing and the economy is imploding.

  9. roughtrader that is a bit harsh

    I guess you picked your name appropriately
  10. i trade futures (i invest in stocks though), so i am well aware that EVERY dollar marked to market in my futures account comes from somebody else's loss.

    see: shadenfreude (sp?)

    with that in mind...

    i just like to see tradeable, "logical" markets.

    when it comes to index futures, i have seen VERY VERY tradeable markets recently, so i'm happy.

    i would LOVE to see a 20% decline + in indexes etc. because it would be profitable for futures trading AND would bring many stocks that i would LIKE to own, but are currently overvalued back to a level that i would add them in my investment accounts.

    so, a market decline would offer the best of both worlds.

    continuing great futures income AND better value for longterm inv4esting
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