How many traders are going to cash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RiceRocket, Oct 14, 2008.

Are you going to cash

  1. Yes, market needs digestion time

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  2. No, this is the best trading I've ever seen

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  1. After Monday's huge rally, I am taking some time away from the markets. I took profits and went to all cash. The volatility of the last 10 days was above my risk tolerance.

    I just want to know if people think the market from here on will be difficult to trade. I'm planning to wait until the elections are over. The government populism makes the market subject to too many policy whims.
  2. This market is almost impossible to trade, you never know what the feds are going to come up with.
    The volatility is BEYOND what I can take, 700 points in 5 min, sorry, can't take it
  3. Whipsaw has hurt my primary system, so I'm in cash until the VIX returns to sanity. In the meantime, I dabble in the DAX and take long weekend vacations with my wife and kids.