How many times do you have to start esignal to get it to run??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. I've been having this annoying problem with the new esignal (and I'm running v7.2 b544 right now...I usually stay pretty current with the versions as they are released) for several months now.

    When I start the program in the morning before the market opens, it usually takes about 5 attempts before the program successfully launches, and it's driving me insane. What usually happens is that the program launches OK, then launches data manager OK, and then data manager (DM) stays red, telling me that there's no reception and that my password is wrong.

    Once that happens (I have win2k pro), I then have to close DM and close esignal (when I close esignal, I get the dialogue saying that it's not responding, and I have to end process to get out of it). Next, I have to wait for 30sec - 1min for winsig and winros processes to end (trying to end process doesn't work for these two .exe's), and when they finally quit, I then re-launch esignal and start the whole process over again.

    I usually go thru this routine about 5 times every morning before the damn thing starts up properly, and I can count on it wasting 5min out of my day, every day. I have zonealarm running, but both winsig and winros are allowed to be internet servers, so I don't think that ZA is the culprit.


    thanks in advance,
  2. Build 544's been great here. No problems. Win XP 512MB 3 monitors athlon 1700+ and a shitload of other apps running at the same time.

    Maybe Andy Smith over at esigcentral can help
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    There could be a few issues going on here. Could be connectivity, corrupt installation, program conflict, etc. Hard to call from the given information. I haven't heard of any similar reports with version 7.2 b544. I would suggest contacting our Technical Support department, so that they can run more in-depth troubleshooting with you.

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  4. I had similar trouble a year ago when I first used eSignal.

    I tried several settings, but finally disabled ZoneAlarm and my trouble went away. I use the built-in firewall in XP now (yes, I know it's not the best, but it works for me).

    I've also had freeze-up issues with intraday spread charts; It would just quit when updating sometimes. I'd get the 'not responding' error and have to kill it and start over.

    1) You might fiddle with ZA and see what happens, and/or
    2) See if it's a chart or quote setting causing it.

    Good luck.
  5. 1 time, yo.

    FRuiTY P.
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    This freeze-up was an issue in earlier versions of eSignal 7.x. The latest version of eSignal addresses this.

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  7. Bung,
    I have eSignal 7.2 b544, Win2K Pro, Zone Alarm shareware v3.1.395, Linksys router, and no problem.
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    eSignal 7.2, Build 544, Win2000, Zone Alarm, hardware firewall (stateful packet inspection); no problem.
  9. Jay,

    Just so you know. I'm running 7.2 B544 and I had spread charts freeze up several times Friday. It seems to affect the lower timeframe intraday charts, especially if you're using Renko's. I had to stop and restart ESignal a few times. I couldn't determine what exactly was triggering it.

    I rarely use spread charts so it's not a big issue. I go back to them now and again when I have a pairs strategy to look it.

    I just proposed the hangup problem might be 'chart' related instead of hardware/software and gave one example.

    Let me note: I do like your product, and this is coming from a TS user of 6+ years.

    Thanks for your help on this board.
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    Bungrider, I have the same problem. Running Windows 98 and Zonealarm.

    Previous versions of eSignal worked just fine!
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