How many time frames do you use ?

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  1. Either system traders or traders using TA to make decisions.

    How many different time frames do you use ?
  2. bobcathy1

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    two for daytrades.....1 and 13 min
    two for swing trades....13 and daily

  3. bobcathy, what do you see as the advantage of using a 13 min.
    verses a 15 or 10?

  4. 1 - 3 - 5 -10 -30 - 60 -min on Pacific Standard Time

    100 & 200 Tick Bar charts on Exchange Time
  5. in 3 mechanical systems I use, but they differ not only by the time frames.
  6. prox


    Scalping - 1 and 3 min

    System trading - 3 min
  7. I use the 1 min, and then when the page is not long enough to cover back to the open, I switch to 2 min, and then 3, then 4, and finally towards the end of the day I am on the 5 min chart.

    If I oversleep, sometimes I only need to go up to the 3 min. Because I don't care what happened before I got here.

    Sometimes I blow the chart up so only 7 candles are showing, and I pretend I'm a Buddhist monk trying to interpret some esoteric symbolism.

    The first candle is the Father, the the next one is the mother, and they have 4 children, and the current candle is the grandchild, and we don't know yet how he is going to turn out.
  8. bobcathy1

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    Supposedly it gets you in earlier on the trend. For the way I use it as a backdrop to the 1 minute, 15 would probably be fine. Just something I do from the 3 "experts" I follow.:)
  9. DblArrow


    1 min for scalping the ES.

    2 and 4 for trading the ZB an ZN. Why? why not!!

    Looking forward to trying some tick charts.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris

  10. H2O


    3 in 1 chart (Using FibonacciTrader)
    #10     Dec 10, 2002