How many take to drinking?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by monty09, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. monty09


    I have been going non stop for months now. Long weeks with little sleep and dreams of my daily trades. Taking to the booze.

    When does it stop? Or a better question... how much is enough?

    I ask myself every year if I am ready for a change..... take a vacation and cant wait to get back in the seat.
  2. You make the call.
    Get into sport or into some healty activities.
  3. I'm guessing a bottle of wine a night? It's really not that hard to put down a bottle of red, especially if you spread it out from 5-11pm

  4. auspiv


    Sometimes too much is barely enough.
  5. monty09


    I was talking to some friends and honestly felt like I was wasting my time but being there. I could of been home sleeping or learning more about my product.

    Wife does not mind as long as the comp comes in.
  6. Fractal


    Hang in there.
  7. Eight


    I had a bottle of Courvossier. I was mixing it with Pomegranate juice. Both are good for your heart but wow, I loved that stuff. I started drinking earlier in the day.. when the bottle ran out I didn't go get another one, I'm waiting for the addiction to die down and drinking just the juice... being health conscious will allow a certain amount of control over addictions... I get up in the morning and take some D-phenylalanine and Selegiline, that's heroin and meth at low levels with only weak addiction, and I take some L-Tryptophan, that's an SSRI at a good dang level.. after an hour I'm feeling no pain at all. I'm writing software, putting in 12-18 days with little fatigue to speak of...
  8. Surdo


    Having a Goose, Red Bull, with a splash of grape juice(antioxidant) while I trade 6J and 6E!
  9. Amazing how im not the only one in this camp! After the markets close I grab a 18 pack of coors light and drink till I go to bed. However during this time I also do research for my current positions and other research to prepare me for the next trading day. I also crank up the country music and watch king of the hill! :D

    For me its just a good way to relax after the trading day, everybody handles the stress of this job differently.

  10. Neat. VS in the morning, VSOP in the afternoon and XO in the moderation, of course. :cool:
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