How Many Stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. This question is mostly directed at Don (would've posted it in "Catching the right train," but I doubt it'd be seen) - how many stocks do your most profitable (and CONSISTENT, above all) traders trade, day in and day out. I'm finding that the number of stocks I trade constantly (2 listed, 4 naz...well, 3 naz 5 altogether) every day is sometimes too much, but just as often, I'm glad to have 3 things going at once to keep me busy, and away from this website...:D
  2. I have gotten to where all I trade is QQQ. Why bother with the other Nasdaq stocks??? Each one has a story and I know that I will always be the last to hear it.

  3. I wish I could trade the Q's. Today I actually decided to stop trading them for a while, as I almost always lose, so more power to you, man. Any time you want to give me some tips, I'd be all ears...:D
  4. Great point.

    For me it is best if I am last to hear because what I think is GOOD turns out to be BAD and what I think is BAD turns out to be GOOD.

    So for me it is better that I watch the market and let it TELL/SHOW me GOOD or BAD.
  5. I try to think as little as possible. Seriously. I just reason. Which way is it easiest for the stock to go? I find that I usually know the answer already, the trick is just admitting what it is. When I don't really know but think that I do (again that whole "thinking" thing again) is when I really get f*cked.
  6. Our best traders trade 3-6 stocks, all NYSE. Maybe 20-50 Opening Only stocks. A few wildcards on a temorary basis....