how many stocks do you trade?

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you trade and follow daily

  1. 1 to 5

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  2. 5 to 10

    10 vote(s)
  3. 10 plus

    6 vote(s)
  4. whatever comes up on a scan

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  1. For those who trade stocks daily, do you follow and trade:
    1 to 5
    5 to 10
    10 plus
    whatever comes up on a scan
  2. in normal trading environments arnd 40 a day.

    in this shitty no liquidity environment, 0-5.

    bernanke is the devil
  3. I think the key to figuring out how to trade for much higher profits, is not figuring out a good system, it is relatively easy to test and backtest ideas, the key is figuring out ways to imlpement strategies, i.e. search for patterns you like on 500 or more stocks. Defining something you are looking for is much harder then finding tradeable ideas, in my opinion anyways. And i am a guy who is very good at math, it is much easier to see a chart pattern and know what you are looking at visually than it is to define it.

    Some people make good money trading the same stocks day in and day out, and i used to make decent money off this, however once i figured out that being able to define a trading idea so i can scan for it is much harder than finding workable ideas my trading exploded, as i eliminated most of my ideas right off the bat.

    I think that if you talked to most guys who make huge money today they would say the same thing, they were either able to do it through automation, or from taknig an idea and spreading it out over way more stocks. So i would say it is definately beneficial if you are a day trader to be on 10 or more stocks a day.
  4. "how many stocks do you trade?"

  5. LOL, a side note for other people who might read this, futures traders have the ability to keep adjusting size upwards to an almost unlimited degree, for us as stock traders this is not an option, as you start getting to big very quickly, so you have the choice of either upping size when you see an edge or spreading it out over multiple setups. I find the latter will make your equity curve a lot smoother, and as a stock trader it is something you are almost forced to do, unless you trade something like the SPY's.
  6. Correct, within reason and prudence.
  7. I have been working the same 3 stocks for years.

    It is like being married for years and years :)

    Other than my shorting stocks which was easy thanks to the bubble :)
  8. Results were what I would have expected.
  9. seems like a day to day thing for me. I try to get in and out as quick as possible, avoiding any real long term "opportunities." however, some days there will be several possible trades. Since i put about a twentieth of my funds into a stock at any particular time, I would say at most i will hold 5 stocks/options