How many stocks do you follow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by listedguru, May 8, 2003.

  1. I am curious how many stocks you guys are following on any given trading day? I've been finding myself getting bogged down lately trying to follow too many stocks.

    It seems like in this market you really have to be watching your stocks like a hawk all day otherwise you can miss that pivotal entry and not get another chance.

    Maybe I'm just getting old???

  2. I trade 64 stocks and am looking at others as possible candidates. I use Tradestation so the signals come automatically.

    I make about a dozen trades a day. Most of these stocks are fairly low volume and I use 60 minute charts for most so except for the shocks (good/bad earnings report, accounting scandals, etc. ) they don't move too fast.

    Doug S
  3. One ETF = SPY...because I am old
  4. 2
  5. 615
  6. range


    Today, I traded 13 stocks, but 3 of those accounted for 2/3 of my volume.
  7. Bung,

    Are you serious you only trade 2 stocks each day? Right now I am leaning towards 3-5 per day. Especially in this market I think one really needs to focus on making quality trades and the one way I see to help me do that is by focusing on fewer stocks...

    I think this goes hand in hand with a trader taking his/her game to the next level as well. I am in the process of working on this one too.

    Bottom line for me I think is fewer stocks (quality plays) and trading more size...

  8. TG


    Whatever stocks come up on my scans, only requirement is average volume of 1,000,000 plus the 2 eminis.
  9. I follow a basket of 7-9 stocks on a daily basis. Other than these stocks, I also check for news and play the news sometimes.


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    rather than set a number of stocks to follow, have you considered how perhaps better to bump up your setup so that the number of stocks to follow will be less, but better candidates?
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