How many stocks can you cover per day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Jul 25, 2006.

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    My limit now is 2 stocks, 20 trades a day.
    I traded 3 stocks today, missed a lot of signals. Missed $10k profit, end up only $2k today.

    I don't know how somebody can manage 3 screens and 200 trades a day. It seems my profit level does not hurt yet with only 2 stocks, because I prepare well when they are not traded and I use great money management and I only trade when the trend when it is confirmed or swing when they are in a confirmed range. I don't want to do more trades, but I like to cover more stocks. More like 5 stocks a day. When I trade, I earn something between $1k to $15K a day using $500K leverage. Average $2K a day, but there are maybe only 100 days a year I find stocks to trade, so I only earn $200K out of a $500K leverage. I hope to increase my 2 stocks to 5, and earn $3-4k a day on $500K leverage.

    My stock investing has greater returns and that does not require much day-day hard work.
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    aren't you the dude that bought NTRI at 58.80 after-hours?
  3. Yep, and he said he made a profit. :D
  4. I will speak on the behalf of the other 5% here on ET, I am soooooooo happy for you. I'm glad you have found the Holy Grail, but might I suggest that you do the best thing for yourself here and NOT tell everyone on ET what two stocks you've been trading, that apparently have no drawdowns, are soooo easy to trade that a Chimp could do it, and oh-so easily NJNets you a 40% ROI income on only 100 half-ass, lazy, no-effort working days per year.

    By first posting that you've only been trading two stocks a day and that you're looking for advice from someone on how they trade more stocks per day, you have managed to prove that either you are a complete beginner newbie, or more likely, that you have never actually made a Live trade in your life. Then you boast about these gains and how easy it is to make $200,000 a year playing DayTrader only two days a week...

    Great post, awesome thread.

    Congratulations. You're an idiot.

    I'm sure that on a different planet somewhere far, far away, God truly intended transparency to be a dress made for Jessica Alba... and not the pointless story of an OGnewb posting fiery hot bullshit, recently shot directly out of his ass, and unfortunately, landing right smack on the internet.
  5. On ntri he wasn't sure whether to go long or short, but he was prepared.:D
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    i was sure to long. i had 2 trades on it. 1 with profit and 1 with loss. overall lost 900 on it. it was not my main trade. i was on sndk and nvda all day. 3k profit on sndk and 8k on nvda. those are over 2 days. carried $200k overnight. now all closed.
  7. All I can say is the math doesn't work out.

  8. How many stocks?

    2,000-3,000, but usually about 500.

    Automation, baby! :cool:
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    what do you use to automat it?
    i am so tired now, even only after 6 trades today....
    too old for day trading. ...
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    I have a watch list of 40.

    I dont like to be in more than 5 different positions at any given time.

    that being said...if i am short DIA, and also own DIA puts...that is 1 position.

    I dont have a super duper TRADER 1000 trading machine with 17 monitors...I just keep it simple.
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