How many retail traders are there?

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  1. people using the likes of IB and tradestation, around the world? Just curious thats all...
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  3. no. 22

    no. 22

    You can find the info in the SEC filings of the brokers.
  4. TRAD 10Q
    As of June 30, 2007, TradeStation Securities had 34,088 equities, futures and forex accounts

    IBKR 10Q
    Brokerage statistics:
    (in 000's, except % and where noted)
    2Q2007 2Q2006 % Change
    Total Accounts 86 72 19 %

    What's harder to track are the metrics of subsidiary units like CyberTrader, which are not disclosed by their parents.
  5. I think it boils down to a definition of "trader." There are millions of retail brokerage accounts (I've seen 13-18million mentioned), but how many make even 10 trades per month? And, keep in mind, the average share size at some place like Scottrade is between 100-200 shares, not really trading material.