How Many Racists on ET?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Landis82, Apr 27, 2009.

How Many Racists on ET?

  1. Zero, absolutely none.

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  1. Based on remarks and comments in a number of posts over the past several months, it is the opinion of some that much of the discourse in this Forum that revolves around issues regarding President Obama comes from an attitude and opinion that is firmly entrenched in RACISM.

    What say you ET?
  2. I voted racist which includes you Landis.

  3. I absolutely love liberals. So if you disagree with Obama you are a racist. Absolutely amazing.

    What are you liberals going to do next? Take away Miss America's crown because she happens to different opinion that you?
  4. dsq


    supporters or fans of talk radio terrorism(limpbaugh,savage,beck),tea baggers...They generally are big conspiracy freaks and anti science as well.
    Pabst is pretty bad but jfacquet or whatever is nother racist.Plenty here and they are not ashamed of it.
  5. there are some racists, not that many.

    ISHATatPublix for example.
  6. dsq


    trying to qualify or disguise your racism/bigotry as just an opinion doesnt mean youre not a bigot all of the sudden.
    Your still abigot trying to find an excuse for it.Doesnt wash a hole.
  7. Please cite the examples where any of those people told anyone to commit a terrorist act. Ohhh yeah they encouraged people to go to tea parties which were non violent protests. How dare they?

    Sort of like anti-war protesters who pelt the police with rocks so that everyone knows that they think the violence is not the answer.
  8. What Landis can't seem to get through his thick skull is that a lot of us couldn't care less what color Obama is, it is his politics. Now if you agree with Obama...........fine and dandy, just don't paint those of us that do not like him as racists.
  9. dsq


    go here and check out the nutjobs and their protest signs.These are the glenn beck/talk radio disciples doing what their master told them to do.
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