How many profitable Experts are there?

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  1. Fat


    Hi everybody,

    We`ve collected some statistical data on expert advisors and their profits in real trading conditions. All the experts are trading without human control.

    More details at:
  2. Lucre


    i took a quick look, but didn't see the identies of the experts. is that listed?
  3. Fat


    Yes it is. Go to the Participants section of the site:

    The experts will trade for almost two months more. At the 25th of December we will reward three best developers with 80 thousands dollars.
  4. Unfortunately they use a ridiculous definition of an "Expert" when counting up "Profitable Experts" in their contest. Their Rule II.1 says Anybody aged 18 or over is eligible to participate in the Championship, irrespective of occupation, citizenship or gender. I guess that means John Mark Karr could enter the contest and he too would be an Expert.

    The contest uses "Virtual Deposits" (play money) which encourages overaggressive trading. You lose nothing if your virtual account goes broke, but you might win $80K of real cash money if your virtual account grows quickly. Therefore: place outrageously big bets and cross your fingers. Not exactly an Expert trading strategy.
  5. Fat


    Looks like there is some misunderstanding: EXPERT is an EXPERT ADVISOR - its an automated trading program, mechanical trading system. And its very exact definition of EXPERT - ita program, not a man.

    I dont know who is John Mark Karr, but he cant be an EXPERT in the Championship. All the people, whos experts are struggling for the 80k are DEVELOPERS only.

    BTW, just take a look at the results of independent trading of automated trading programs and i think you will be more respective to their developers. (For instance, Vdiddi38's expert for 4 weeks made 110% of additional profit).
  6. Real money or virtual money traded ?
  7. darmasdt


    LOL. You're funny.
    Expert Advisor is not man who are an expert and being an advisor. :D
    Its a programmed algorithm in MQ4 platform.
  8. Does anyone else consider the 'guarantee' concerning the use of the code not particularly persuasive?

    " The Organizer guarantees that it will not attempt to decompile the experts' files sent by Participants. "
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    Actually, I read that John Mark Karr was a very profitable options trader before he turned his focus onto pedophilia.
  10. Fat


    In the championship participants use virtual accounts. Participation is free of charge.

    But the prizes are very real:
    1st place - 40 grands
    2nd - 25
    3rd - 15

    All of these money will be transfered to the bank accounts of winners.
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