How many points do you do on the NQ per DAY

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by arthus, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. arthus


    Up to how many points do you do per day on the NQ.
  2. Your poll will not be correct since you did not list a negative option. Another example of looking thru rose colored glasses and "survivorship bias".
  3. newtoet


    I don't trade futures. What is 1 point roughly equal to in a QQQ move?
  4. I trade QQQ as well. I think every tick is half point for NQ
    which is equal $10, so 1 point will be $20.

    and for every tick is quarter point for ES which is equal $12.5,
    so 1 point will be $50.

    1 contract of NQ is equal around 800shares of QQQ.
    1 contract of ES is equal around 500 shares of SPY.

    This is how 1 contract of NQ is calculated:
    If today NASDAQ 100 stock Index is 1417 point.
    Then the value of 1 pit traded NQ contract is
    1417 x $20= $28340 Cash value of 1 contract
    $28340 / 35.22$ QQQ per share = 804 share of QQQ

    Same method for calculating any other e-mini (electronic)
    future contract.
  5. newtoet


    So, 40 points on the NQ ~= $800/contact?

  6. Yes, if you make 40 point profit, you have around $800
    in your pocket excluding what your commision were for
    that day.
  7. dbphoenix


    It would help, arthus, if you were to specify "one contract". Nobody makes 40 NQ pts a day trading one contract.
  8. I think he is more concerned how much you are making
    than how good you are at trading.
  9. ...the poll said "Liars check the bottom button."
  10. pspr


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I think many day traders get trapped into exaggerating their profits. After all, you have to tell the wife something positive to justify your costly trading hobby!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :D

    P.S. And it doesn't sound good to tell people that you make less per hour than the kid working at McDonalds.
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