How many points / day are you making in the ES ?

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  1. Just curious. I know we have a lot of similar threads. But I'm asking fellow traders who trade the ES, how many points are u making per day ?

    For those that are slow, just divide your average weekly profits / 5 days and then divide again by 50 and again by the # of contracts you trade.

    Me personally, I've been averaging 1/2 point - 1 point per day after commish. If we're talking before, its more like a little over 1 point per day. But I'm just becoming profitable and plan on becoming more efficient.

    IF you are a losing trader or even a beginner, feel free to post how many you are losing per day.

    If you are a paper trader, stay away, nobody cares about you.
  2. before or after trading costs?
  3. doesn't matter, just specify which.
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    Getting the truth this way is going to be hard due to some big ego's here. Read journals. IMO, that's the only way you're going to see real time P/L.
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    Ha! So this is the kind of profit one makes when one "gets it"?
  6. yes. I lost $30k before I started making $. Who the hell hasn't ? Currently I'm only averaging $200-$500 / week on 1 contract. I'm posting on the PnL thread, which is more than all the jokers that are going to bash post on that thread. Increase size to say, even 4 contracts and u have an average of $800-$2000 per week. Not saying its that easy by immediately bumping from 1 to 4, but doable. My current profits are not bad, and certainly not amazing.

    Yes I still struggle from pyschology and taking profits early. I'm no guru yet. And yes, i do 'get it'
  7. You're wrong it IS easy because you are dealing with an instrument where scalability is not an issue. If you are averaging 1/2-1pt a day, you can average the very same metrics and make 10 times as much as you do now without adversely affecting the market one bit.

  8. Its the mental part which is not easy, this is what I think limits most traders who trade ES.

    If you manage to have a discretionary system which averages just under a point a day profit you are doing very well but it is not easy to just start slinging 100 lots and be the same trader.

    I think it is possible to live off of trading the ES like the $800-2000 a week example but getting rich would be extremely hard... like anything I guess :)
  9. It's only 'not easy' if you let it be. If you have a proven track record through different market cycles and come out the other end with an avg such as Weis there is no reason not to bump up size. People always harp on the sizing up and how it's so hard in the ES but really that's people's fear talking. And if you have a proven track record, the fear is unjustified.

    If you are already profitable and consistent, sizing up is only 'hard' if the instrument you trade is thin.

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