How many people here swallow the anti birther narrative

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Are Obama's documents legitimate

  1. His documents are legitimate

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  2. His documents are not legitimate

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  1. How many people on here accept the birth certificate, the selective service card and the social security number of Obama as being legitimate.

    If they are not legitimate, then it is the biggest fraud in history and the gov't of the United States is not only not doing anything to bring it to light, they are doing everything in their power to keep it all covered up.

    Anyone want to put their handle on record as to their determination?

    I say they are not legitimate.
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  3. To anyone with a logical mind... not blinded by greed and ideology, there is room to suspect much.
  4. take your pick 1 or 2
    1) Obama is either a foreign national from kenya .

    2) Obama is a citizen that fraudulently gamed the system posing as a foreign national as a means to getting educational perks in his younger years.

    I'm going with situation #2. they just tried to game the system like we know many unethical minorities try to do.
  5. Yeah, I know. Crazy stuff, AK, crazy stuff.
  6. There's also the business about his education funding in Indonesia(?). He allegedly/may have surrendered his US citizenship to get financial support. He could get citizen back but only as a "naturalIZED" citizen (like Arnold) and not "natural Born"... making him Constitutionally ineligible to be president. Perhaps this is the reason all of his records are sealed.

    I think his Constitutional eligibility is a big point. Only the greedy and most corrupt would accept "his say so" when it's so obviously questionable (and not addressed) to the satisfaction of anyone with half-a-brain.
  7. Fyi, Imo, even people who were born in Hawaii shouldn't be eleiglbe to be president. What kind of state is that? Hawaii, it's too far away and not relevant. Peopple who make this country great don't live in hawaii with hard to prounouce names like
    Don Ho. Ho is not a mans name.

    stay tuned...
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  9. Ricter


    In light of new anti-anti- evidence, I've gone over to the anti-anti-birther camp.
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