How many Options to hedge 1 E-mini

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tamvik, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. tamvik


    Maybe dumb question
    If I am long 1 ES mini futures contract how many PUTs
    (options on futures) do I need to buy to protect my long position
    in ES .
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    Thanks alot
  4. Mike777


    one put is equal to 100 shares assuming that it is far enough in the money to be made up only of intrinsic value.
    I though the e-mini was = c. 800 shares.:confused:
  5. josbarr


    Depends on the strike price and the Delta.
    At the money puts have a .50 delta so 2 puts .50 x 2=1.00 would make you "neutral". ES options are not that active though.

    Joe Barry
  6. Mike777


    I meant QQQ options not ES.:)
  7. If you're looking for a 100% hedge, why not just sell your one ES contract and then re-enter the position when you would have lifted your hedge?
  8. tamvik


    What I had in mind was, If 9/11 type incident should occur so
    I would be protected. I understand how stock options work
    Example 100 shares of XYZ = 1 Option contract of XYZ (one option is 100 shares of XYZ)
    So if an option costs $3.00 I have to come up with $300 (100*$3.00=$300)
    Now I am stuck here with E-mini Option.
    If a e-mini option costs $15 at some strike price, how much money do I have to come up with to enter a trade?
    As we know stops do not help in cases like 9/11.
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    OOPS Learning how to edit.
  10. If the emini option cost 15 it means 15 pts which is for ES 15*50$=750$...
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