How many of yuo learned on yuor own?

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  1. Did any of yuo do this?

    Interested in hearing how many of yuo learned on yuor own. Not what yuo learned, but the way yuo learned it.

    No mentors, just yuo and whatever reading and independant research - of what ever sort - yuo did to become profitable.

    Again, WHAT yuo learned isn't nearly as important as HOW yuo learned.

    Everyone wants to be told how to trade, I'm finding few ask how to learn (though admittedly, I've not searched this topic here exhaustively).

    Thanks for yuor replies!
  2. are yuo dyslexic?
  3. 1. Read everything you can
    2. Watch (charts)
    3. Trade
    4. Learn from your losing trades
  4. Either that or English is not first language.
  5. You could learn on your own with enough time in the seat in front of your screen. A quality mentor* would be much faster, however.

    *probably an oxymoron like "happily married" or "jumbo shrimp"
  6. Actually, I am.

    Now, having gotten that terribly pertinent piece of ground covered, can we get back to the original question?
  7. Then don't become a policeman. You might find yourself handing out IUD's to drunken drivers.
  8. That was actually pretty clever - well done!

    Yuo've been here on ET for some time now, can yuo share some thoughts on the question about learning?
  9. <i>"*probably an oxymoron like "happily married" or "jumbo shrimp""</i>

    You forgot "informational message board" and "free education" as the biggest oxymorons of all :D
  10. <i>"Again, WHAT you learned isn't nearly as important as HOW you learned."</i>

    I learned the bulk of what I know thru trial and error, honestly several thousand manhours spent breaking down charts outside of market hours, and several years of daily trading = observation of live market action.

    If you have several years of your life to dedicate charts above all else, 1000s of manhours after hours for research and lots of $$$ lost in the discovery process, you can do it on your own like the rest of us who did.
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