how many of you use "real deal tips" from institution "friends"

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do you ever get real deal tips

  1. Yes I am lucky enough to get a real tip sometimes

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  2. NO I never got inside info, I don't need it anyway.

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  1. FutTrd


    hi guys I use ET primarily for joking and fun, some of you probably noticed.

    but in these jokes idea came to me

    How many traders relay on some of your trader buddies where you scratch each others back. (you know what I mean)

    for example I have a friend and I receive things

    but come on, this isn't rare is it. Are you going to sit there and tell me that people who are well connected like Don Bright for example, don't come across real deal tips.

    Not that Don needs to (he knows his business, knows how to trade)

    but if a small time trader like me can get some info, big traders MUST be getting tons of insider info.

    Am I wrong to conclude that.

    oh and guys, you are just giving me your opinions.

    lets keep it on opinion level
  2. yawn*
  3. FutTrd


    you know bitstream

    let me tell you something boy, you are too active on ET

    you need a break man,

    if my thread bores the crap out of you


    and try not to be jealous of me :mad:
  4. jelaous of u? pluuuueeeaaaaze, i wouldnt swap my shoes with anyone in this board...dream on.

    still, u got that right, am addicted to this site and it's unhealthy..wont be for long tho, i am stationary in a place not of my choosin' and have no much to do here, but almost ready to go back to my country. then...bye bye et.

    can u give us an example how u profited from inside info recently?
  5. ozzy


    you know FutTrd

    let me tell you something boy, you have too many aliases active on ET ala coolibop/freemunch/gay romanian gypsy

    you need a break man,

    if my thread bores the crap out of you



  6. No internet access in Borneo?
  7. FutTrd


    ok bit

    here is more info as requested

    first of all, I am from one of european countries where family connection is considered more important.

    lots of north americans don't consider family ties as important as europeans

    long story short

    my sister married up, and yes his family is also that EU type. So basically my family is just now extended to include more.

    he works in one of those money places and he knows institutional traders who know other people

    tips I get so far have been real deal

    there you go, I am wondering how common is this
  8. well, give us an example, please. dont think it hurt.
  9. ozzy


    Of course its common. Very Very common. Especially if you work at a company and you know of a deal that just happened.

    So what european country you from coolweb?
  10. lmao ozzy!:D

    i told u and i tell u once again, coolio couldnt spell his name correctly, it cant be him!!
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