How many of you traders hoot and holla after a good trade?

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  1. And vice versa, how many of you guys curse and hit yourself after a bad trade?

    Just curious!
  2. neither. emotions get in the way, trading robotically is much more effective. I've developed this after many years, it doesn't come naturally for the great majority.
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    I don't think you will get many replies because you are asking people to confess to a weakness.

    Maybe a poll would work better because people could respond anonymously.
  4. If I'm sitting in the trade for way longer than I expect... like I anticipate it to work in a few minutes and I'm still sitting in the trade an hour later, then after an hour it finally works out, I get very excited and scream shit like "YEAH BITCHES, THOUGHT I WASN'T GOING TO WAIT!"
  5. Next time you make a touchdown, act like you've been there before.

    - Vince Lombardi
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  7. Very nice!

    The greatest danger lies in the moment of victory

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    What if it's your first one ?

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    He used the word "act".
  10. Also, if I'm in a swing trade and the market gaps in my favor unexpectedly and the trade exceeded my original target, I will hoot and holla, just as I will curse and break shit when it gaps way past my stop, unexpectedly.
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