How many of you promised to stop trading and get a real job in 2009?

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  1. Just curious
  2. what is a "real job"?
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    At the start of the year (2008) I was profitable but inconsistent and unhappy with trading and my work life in general. I had previously quit an IB job to try trading for myself and decided to try to get back into that or a HF if I were not making more consistent cash by the end of 2008.

    As it turned out, the 2nd half of 2008 was great as I developed one of two strategies that have really paid off. My income has hopefully turned a corner now and, in the short term, I do not need to consider getting a "real" job. But you never know what the future holds....
  4. If not trading I would seek out something else entrepreneurial where I call the shots. I could never work where someone tells me how to do things or how to spend my time.

    To someone that has the appetite for risk and ability to attempt at trading a "real job" would really fail to utilize one's talent. There are other opporunities should trading not be the path. Corporate America should never be one of them.
  5. I operate a business to keep the rent paid :D trading on the side...big swing trades...lot's of waiting...boring...

    Maybe in 09 we can all cash in, in some form or it trading or starting a profitable business...

    And yes, NOBODY should have to go to work for corporate USA!
  6. This brings up an interesting point - how many ETers have side businesses/income other than trading?
  7. I'm about to fail out of college so looks like trading full time is coming!

    We will see how long I last :(
  8. I have a "Real Job" (not Corporate America) and I trade during the day, (More or less monitor my currrent posistions, very few day trading moves. Created my own little fund with my own money.)

    Both are demanding but both are rewarding. Both are 100% commission. gota love the no salary cap.

    However, to truly be a Daytrader, you have to do it full time. No cutting corners and getting a "Day Job" while trading.
  9. Agreed, but for those starting out or doing other ventures during the day they could always trade e-minis during the non-cash/Globex session. Less/no program trades and enough liquidity at many times for smaller lots. A lot less sideways pressure from algos than in the cash ES session.
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    honestly, you don't even need a high school education to be successful trader.

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