How many of you make over 100k/day regularly day trading?

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  1. So, I am not a day trader...solely do option trades that are usually held 2-5 days so not too familiar with what kind of capital and expectancies ppl have to day trade full time.

    But a friend of mine, her new boyfriend told me and my wife that he avgs. 100k/day day trading in addition to earning 1mil/yr in long-term capital gains. Is this common? or is he likely full of BS? He does seem to be well off with a nice house in Century City and a ferrari...but 100k/day consistent profit day trading sounds extremely tough and I would expect him to be in Trader Monthly's top 100 traders or something then.
  2. so he makes 25 mil a year? but 1 mil a year in long term stuff?

    ask him how much he pays in taxes
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    I know some great traders but to average a $100,000 a day is crazy. I have seen guys put up $300,000 plus in day but at the end of the year they make no where near $25,000,000.
  4. Are you sure they said he makes $100k a day, and not he trades 100k shares a day?
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    Maybe he makes 100k trades a day? lol
  6. Is his name Franz Sholar?
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    i guess he thinks up to 100k daily volatility with 1m consistent profit over several years. i can believe that.
  8. 100k a day average??? Thats insane, I'm only able to pull in 75k/day consistently, the guy you speak of must be fibbing :)

    seriously, i am pretty sure he meant he trades 100k+ shares a day average but you never know.
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    "75k/day consistently" - this is what i can't believe...
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    LOL! Too easy on that one.

    Hey, check your PM's!!! :)
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