How many of you guys are moving to Independence, USA?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Every now and then new stories of people creating a libertarian sanctuary pop up, id be all over it, if it was made by the right person, however i dont believe the feds would ever allow one of these communities to gain any ground, because both sides (Republican and Democrat) want to keep their scam going.

    I would be very leary about going into a libertarian community formed by Beck, because the very notion that there is a founder means that there is someone who owns the property, and holds a certain degree of power, which is anti libertarian. More specifically i dont think a guy like Glenn Beck could be trusted enough to buy the property, create the community, and then relinquish power, plus he would have enough of his own followers there, that they would actually follow him against Libertarian principles, so inevitably i think if Glenn Beck created it, it would be a pseudo libertarian city, which simply mimmicked glenn becks moral values, and this would not be true freedom.

    In order to trust that it was truly going to end up being libertarian, you would need a guy who sticks to the principles no matter what like Ron Paul to create the community, in order for it to be truly representative of libertarian values.

    Edit: One other problem about the idea of creating these libertarian communities is that they would have to essentially start up like huderite communities, there would be no industry there until you could get a bunch of billionaire backers on board, so unless everyone who moves there has enough money to survive on their own then itd be back to the farm to work the land for everyone the first little while.

    It would be far more effective if libertarians could get their message out enough in a preexisting city to where enough people supported it, so you could transform an already existing city.
  3. I love glen beck but I don't get it , it's not like he's proposing a muslim enclave because the reality is they are the only ones who seem to be able to get away with creating their own laws in whatever nation they infest.

    how do they plan on circumventing govt intrusion (and yeah I've lived in a commune)?

    *galt's gulch only worked because the govt couldn't find them
  4. These things never turn out well. The NIKE gym shoes and poison kool-aid always turn up as the "final solution". Beck is a carnival barker with something to sell, and right now there's a hell of a market for his pitch.
  5. Sounds like a sicko amusement park-- Be@k is an idiot. This may be the future-- funded by Peter Theil-- not promoted by a half wit self promoter, radio talk show host.

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    Freudian slip? LOL