How many of you go short and also long

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Do you go long/short?

  1. Go long only

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  2. No problem in going short or long

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  3. Go short only

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  1. Just want to get an idea, how many of you short the market? And also no problem going long?

    I mean do you get confused when u can go long or short?

    Or do u simply only play long? and accumulate when market is going on temporily pause?

    I find shorting more difficult than long
  2. Never in the same session.

    I try to focus on consistently trading a higher time-frame trend. The reason you're finding shorting to be so difficult is because we're in a roaring bull market.


  3. Yep, we seems to be in a roaring bull market, I was being cheated by the market on 17th of October, thought that that's it, here comes the bear, but bear is no where to be found.

    I thought that I'm following the market, see what the market does and follow, don't go against the market, but instead being cheated by it.

    It is just not easy to be trader...
  4. No bear here.

    Just pick-your spots and consistently look to take the same action. Work on developing a system for trading.

    You tried going long on the one down day we've had in like, two weeks ... just image if you had been going long consistently for those aforementioned two weeks (not to mention two months). No shorting until you have an independent tool that tells you the market has turned.

    Trading is one of the most difficult tasks to do well consistently, for a whole host of different reasons.


    edit: of course I'm exaggerating about the two weeks, but look at the chart (trend) and you see what I mean.
  5. Yep, I'm thinking of stop shorting for the moment until i see clearer picture.

    I use intraday 15 days (shows the stock action by the minutes) to trade, but i find it sometimes too erratic, too unpredictable. Do you use daily chart or intraday chart? Intraday chart may contains too much noise? But sometimes it gives good indication of whether it is going to go down or up...

    Just curious, I thought most people in US sleeping now, it is about 3 to 4 am over at US? I'm actually from Asia, Singapore, trading US stocks
  6. I use intra-day charts for day trading.

    Get off work at 1a-2a, just chill'in right now.

  7. I trade short or long. I prefer long because the reward is potentially unlimited. Short sales have a maximum reward because price can not decrease below zero.
  8. I'm usually 60/30/10 (long/short/cash)......nothing wrong w/ being long and short at the same time if you know what you're doing and why you're doing it
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    The answer to this question depends on what you are trading and your time frame... If you scalped stocks then who cares, you'd put out longs and shorts all day long.

    If carry overnight it would depend what you were trading. The broader markets have been rallying but shorting Energy (i.e. drillers and refiners) would have really paid off.... Just depends
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