HOW many of you consider knowledge of weaponry important

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    sure we would all like to think of ourselves as intellectuals here, and perhaps some of us are.

    But I wonder, how many of you consider knowledge of weaponry important, knowing how to use guns, take apart etc, how much ammunition one needs etc

    no I am not some redneck, I am civilized, I don't even consider hunting very honorable

    But I do believe it is important to be ARMED AND READY

    tell me your thoughts
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    I suspect most of you are as clueless about everything as your posts indicate

    just kidding :D
  3. I like to carry a baton so I can break someone's face in self defense.

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    ARMED & READY! Absolutely! I was thinking the exact same thing just yesterday while on the roof of my apt building, well-hidden, picking off random passersby w/my high-powered rifle.

    You're not paranoid if they're actually out to get you, ya know. The bastards.

  5. I asked a cop one time, "hey thats pretty neat, where can i get one?"
    They said"Uh, your not allowed to own one of these."

    I said "But thats silly, an axehandle would do worse, your saying its illegal to carry anything, anything at all for the express purpose of self defence?Thats madness."
    They said "Yup. And you cant own or carry one, coz their dangerous in the wrong hands."

    I said "Oh, well thats an entirely satisfactory explanation, thanks for your time officer."

    The end.:)
  6. A commoner has no right to defend himself, only the elite (politicians) may do so.
  7. When you're trying to survive an attack, who gives a shit about the law. Deal with it later.

    I went to texas to visit some family recently. I've never seen so many 16 year olds strapped with a glock. Crazy. I live in nyc btw.