How many of you are unemployed?

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How many of you are unemployed

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  1. I'm freaking unemployed man and it sucks

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  2. I'm working nah nah ne boo boo

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  1. uptick1


    Just wondering how many of you are unemployed?

    Who in their right mind would go up to this guy or gal, wearing a bunny suit and say to this person, "hey man, I see you are unemployed. I have this gig on broadway called, 'idiot guys wearing bunny suits' why don't you join. It pays $9 an hour. Can you sing?"

  2. I'm very happily retired. Does that count.
  3. I'm currently unemployed, but it doesn't really suck though. I've been able to adequately support myself with my monthly trading income, which has been ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 a month.

    However, I will be starting my new job in July.
  4. uptick1


    Heck no
  5. Eight


    I'm very happily unemployed. Been on unemployment insurance for two and a half years now, it's sort of off and on really, they keep stimulating me... now they extended me for another eighty nine weeks at $475 a week.. I always hated working. Part of the deal is I can't refuse employment so I'd take anything offered but so far, nada...

    I was sitting in the back of a Baptist Church once, great people, great pastor, small sized church, anyhow he's talking about how men feel bad when they get out of work and they base their self esteem on their career or job and I'm looking at all these white guys up and down the rows like Huh?? I feel great when I'm not working, I feel like a controlled sucker assed prisoner when I work... It could be the Amerind in me...
  6. Doesnt ring true-everyone knows artists work for peanuts anyway, and nobody would hire one.
  7. i love what i do so its not werk.
  8. If you're trading for a living , you're unemployed.

    Not real work.
  9. Why not just trade 10-110x larger and make a real living.

    Since you never lose, what's the problem.

  10. Well, that's my plan.

    I just started live trading FX a few months ago, so I'm not going to be able to "just trade 10-110x larger". I'm hoping to gradually grow my account while I'm working a real job...
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