How many nukes are we going to let NK build before we take them out?

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  1. North Korea is obviously building these nukes to attack us. Does anyone have any doubt about it? I would rather not wait until they have 1,000 nukes in their arsenal and start shooting them over the ocean at us before we finally do something.

    I would not normally ever say to drop a nuke on a country because of all the innocent bystanders, but I think this is something that needs to be done. 1 nuke on pyongyang and our NK problems are over. It would kill the "dear leader", take out a portion of their army and then the rest of the country is free and would not have to live in fear of him. The military, I believe, would surrender without his leadership.
  2. Have you lost your mind?

    You do understand that N Korea is kinda connected to Asia and other countries? That nukes give off radiation? That neighboring countries will have to bear an enormous cost, which will ultimately be borne by us via many, many unintended consequences?

    One friggin bomb dropped on a building would do the job simply enough.

    Either you don't think things thru or you're a veritable nutcase.
  3. Sorry, now I'm confused. Were you referring to peilthetraveler regarding North Korea or Bush regarding Iraq. (Not that the two are mutually exclusive.)
  4. :D
  5. Any action against North Korea is going to have take into

    account China. Remember the Korean War? It was the

    Red Chinese that ended it.

    But with these amatuers in charge, anything is possible.

    I am not sure China would allow it. But, this nutcase is

    foolish enough to defy even China.

    Definitely a powderkeg.
  6. Even before China we would have to consider South Korea. They would NEVER go for it.
  7. well, you can certainly see the ramifications with China

    on North Korea's border.

    They have proven from past actions they are 100% in North

    Korea's camp.
  8. A nuke certainly isn't necessary to bring down NK. With the military might of the USA they should be able to do the deed without using nukes...

    That being said, NK is definitely looking for a fight, and is definitely building an arsenal of nukes. Unfortunately they aren't bound by the same morals as the rest of the world, and in my opinion would not hesitate to use one.
  9. Why use military force when Obama can just give a speech and fix everything? He is "sort of God" and any President who is "sort of God" should be able to give a speech and clear this up in no time.
  10. You had better take China into consideration then. My father-

    in-law is a marine survivor of Iwo Jima and fought the Red

    Chinese in Korea. He would know.
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