How many more white supremacists does ET need?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Frederick Foresight, Jun 29, 2020.

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  1. It's clear that ET has its share of trash that needs taking out, but the site admins don't feel compelled to do so in the name of free (hate) speech.

    But how many more new posters does the site need who go out of their way to post explicitly racist garbage? Take, for example, Corky5, who registered only a few days ago, and more than half of his posts would easily pass muster with the boys at Stormfront.

    Baron, perhaps you should consider adopting an online version of a broken window policy.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Almost everyone is guaranteed to be disturbed by the opposing opinions of others in the Politics forum. That's why we put a warning right in the description of that forum to simply stay away if you are offended by that type of discussion.
  3. maxinger


    Black supremacist or
    White supremacist or
    Red supremacist or
    Orange supremacist or
    Yellow supremacist or
    Green supremacist or
    Blue supremacist or
    Violet supremacist or
    Grey supremacist or
    multi color supremacist or
    transparent color supremacist

    we don't care.
    Because most creatures (cow, buffalo, sheep, chicken, pig, whale, human, bird, dog, cat, horse, lamb ....) have similar internal structure.
    We have skin, bone, fat, muscle, heart, lung, liver, intestine, stomach, pancreas, brain, gallbladder, kidney ....

    snakes, spiders, insects, frogs, plants, trees, fungus, mushroom, bacteria, germs.... are different creatures and have different internal structure.
    as they are living things, they will die too.

    how about virus? is it living thing or not?
    No idea.

    We traders just want to earn $$$ and also to share trading ideas.

    ULTIMATELY, all supremacists and living things will die no matter
    how almighty you think you are.
    Even if you were the very powerful George Washington or Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan or Qin Shi Huang or Cleopatra or Hitler or Augustus, death is
    the common denominator.
    Earthly death cannot be conquered.

    So while you are in this earthly world, be good and kind and grateful.

    You only have about 75 years in this earthly world. Use it with compassion.
    And may the Creator be pleased with you.
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  4. There are opinions and then there is outright racist hate speech. There is a difference. It is not that difficult to discern.
  5. destriero


    It's called aligning yourself or identifying as GOP. They are, by definition, small, racist cowards.
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  6. I think that might be overstating it, but not by much. Racists get good cover under the GOP banner. Which makes me wonder if the non-racist GOPers ever question, in moments of self-reflection, why they share political platforms with these master racers.

    Baron mentioned opposing opinions and being offended by them in the Politics forum and the forewarning that goes with it. As I pointed out, I think this argument misses the point. Racist views should not be given the cover of "politics." Racism is an affront to decency and humanity, and should be singled out. I'm not automatically offended if someone's political views don't align with mine. And I don't care if someone attacks me, personally, in any of the forums. I have the choice to either strike back or ignore the poster. But when a forum on a site I visit daily is mired in outright racism, I need to ask myself daily if I want to be associated with a site, even anonymously, that caters to such open intolerance. And all in the name of "free speech."

    It reminds me that silence is complicity.

    P.S. You realize, of course, that I'm small.
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  7. destriero


    Yeah, but you're ripped! :)

    I meant small (minded).
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  8. southall


    Can you post an example on this thread, the worst example you can find.
  9. destriero


  10. southall


    I was expecting the 'N' word.

    'Blacks' is fair use if the other side is going to use the word 'Black' as in Black Lives Matter.

    I wish neither side tried to divide us into racial groups.

    Those who are offended can always put these people on ignore.
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