How many more points off the DOW and S&P before....

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    How many more points off the DOW and S&P before I hear the talking heads start to push for more interest rate cuts, Im thinking around 12,000-12100 they will start to scream rate cut time and around 11700 cut the rates by another 25 basis points.

  2. I sense a 300 pt down day on the dow coming up - we went up on bad news , economy isn't doing any better ... We did just complete a lower high today and the down trend still remains- lets see what happens, I am still bullish on gold though- bought more at 910 ...
  3. If you are a true trader, why are you always trying to push your bearish agenda on here? I thought traders weren't married to any particular directional move. You are clearly annoyed at the prospect of any meaningful rally. Why?
  4. I'm not defending S2007's agenda (though he's right) but isn't a guy named BullAlert sounding like the pot calling out the kettle?
  5. No. First, I never expressed an opinion one way or the other. S2007S did. Second, S2007S is relentless with his bearish take on the economy. It get's old. Third, this is the "Trading" forum not the Economics forum. Fourth, bull alert is charting lingo, not my take on the market.
  6. A 25 bps point cut is already baked in for the April meeting...
  7. BullAlert, just have a question for you. Are you Landis82? Personally I think Landis is one smart mofo and one of the few guys here I enjoy reading but in an earlier post you praise Landis82 directly, then you rip TudorJones (who is a moron by the way) and now you are ripping S2007S. All the same targets Landis82 like to rip and you only have like 8 posts. Seems like it could be a coincidence but I am one of those guys who is always looking for patterns and this one seemed too obvious. Like I said, I like Landis82, just curious is all.
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    What is wrong with my bearish stance?

    Instead of complaining why dont you post your views???

    Relentless on my bearish take on the economy, is there any reason to be bullish on this economy or stock market at this moment and if so please explain why?

    For someone who has only been posting here since March 2008 sure has a strong opinion on my words, unless you have been here for a few years and changed your name about 15 times already.
  10. Bullalert is hedge fund trader2 without a doubt
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