how many months can C post billion dollar losses before BK?

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  1. lets say C averages 1 billion per quarter losses. how many quarters before they have to go Bankrupt. is there a way to calculate this?
  2. Goverment owns this company, just like FRE,FNM,GM.
  3. 12 quarters
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    Do not worry about losses, for a company to have a $7 Billion dollar loss these days means absolutely nothing. It takes a lot for a company losing BILLIONS of dollars to go BK and be forgotten forever, I mean look at GM, they went BK, they keep getting free money and are still making cars as if the word bankrupt means nothing. There doors are wide open for business as usual. Look at FRE, FNM and AIG, all still in business, how many hundreds of BILLIONS did they lose. You can still get loans from FRE and FNM. What they teach you in school about the word bankruptcy does not apply to big corporate names like FRE or GM. Dont worry about anything, as long as the printing presses remain on and everything stays propped up you have no worries going forward.
  5. Ask GM shareholders how well that went for them. or AIG,FRE,FNM :)
  6. BAH!

    Hasn't the media convinced you that ALL stockholders are greedy rich folk who have too much? They can take those losses without even feeling it.

    Capital gains taxes (benefit only the rich). wooot!

    Come on, play along.


    RUSH for a change of atmosphere.
  7. How many more quarters can the USA have losses (budget deficits) before it goes BK might be an even more important question. They are probably the same as the US appears to be totally backstopping C in order to keep the wheels from falling off the cart just a little longer.

    C is kicking out some bonuses in an attempt to keep talent and nothing says they cant tap into tarp again so I would imagine that they could file a BK and wipe out the equity holders (including the US investment to date) but the stock is holding up so far with the thought that "they can't go under" I suppose if they stick around long enough they start making money again.....
  8. The Saudi Prince wouldn't be too pleased if they do that.