How many monitors do you use while doing daytrading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mizhael, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Although I only need to watch YM right now,

    I might find it useful later.

    So how many monitors do you stare at while doing daytrading?

    I am considering 2 at this stage (I already have got one), and want to be able to expand to 4 later...


    And do you do Vista?

    People say I should stick with XP. But considering I am buying 64 CPU, getting an old XP (32 bit) is a bit depressing... (I have EECS background :=)
  2. 1 to 4 monitors, whatever you like is OK.

    XP is preferred due to lack of "problems".

    All new CPUs are 64-bit.. just shipped "32-bit enabled" unless shipped with 64-bit OS.

    If you want to run 4 monitors, suggest getting a computer which does NOT have "onboard video chip"...
  3. Hi,

    TWO screens works very well.

    I use DTN Phophet X on one screen, watching ES and CL with some streaming quotes on metals, TY, corn, etc.

    And on my other screen is my order entry (or I may read news).

    Best wishes!:)
  4. depends on the size of the monitors, 2x24" widescreen lcd ought to be enough for most trader's needs. I used a 8x20" setup few years ago and found it was way overkill, I never even looked at the 4 side monitors.
  5. How does 2 x 24" compare to 4 x 20",

    I've already got a 20" here...
  6. as many as i need and not one less :)

    monitors are cheap, don't skimp get a lot of them!
  7. And maybe get GOOD ones... all of mine have IPS panels. (S-PVA is good too.)

    FWIW... My latest is HP LP2475W... terrific! Posted a review under the name of "Hose" on Newegg, if interested..
  8. veggen


    I only have one monitor. Maybe that is why I am not prifitable yet?!!! :D
  9. gnome knows what he's talking about here.

    I use three:

    1) for charting software
    2) for order entry software
    3) for spreadsheets, web use, etc.

    Can't use just one (would have to spend too much time flipping through screens, and when trading intra-day, that's BS because you don't have time for it), I have used two, but don't like it at all. Three is the right fit for me. :)
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