How many mistakes did Obama make swearing in?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. It shows common decency and simple courtesy on your part, Captain. Much needed in these here parts, and much appreciated. :)
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  2. Earth to peilthetraveler:

    Obama did NOT make the error. When he makes errors, then criticize him. But try to be a good sport and wait until then.
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  3. Wow...O-bots were blind when voting for him and now they are blind to his mistakes. I bet obama could legalize heroin, nuke all the red states, and then make it illegal for whites to have a job that pays more than 5,000$ per year and the O-bots would still think he's doing a good job. Un-freakin'-believable how blind they are.

    Its like, i dont even want to have Obama debates anymore, because O-bots wont listen, they just want to sit there with their fingers in their ears saying "LA LA LA LA LA, I cant hear you, LA LA LA LA LA"
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  4. Tdog,

    Here in the states we have a segment of white america known as "white trash". Since Baron believes in freedom of speech to a fault, more and more of them seem to be appearing on this site.

    White cash told white trash that the "niggers" are responsible for the reason they can't get jobs. Whoops, forgot the "spics". And of course and worst of all the Zionist Jews who own us all.

    White trash will never be able to accept the fact that their philosophy has a number of fatal flaws that will marginalize them. Now that a black man is president( one drop rule), they are about to have a stroke. Secretly, they hope America gets screwed so they can say that the "sheeple" elected a "nigger" and this is what they get.

    Very sad, pitiable really.

    Do not be surprized if one of them attempts to further clog up our sue happy legal system by filing suit that Obama didn't say the oath right, so he can't be president.:D
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  5. The amount of time that you have spent on this is proof that you deserve to be on everyone's IGNORE list.
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  6. Cesko


    "LA LA LA LA LA, I cant hear you, LA LA LA LA LA"
    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Yes we can.Yes we can.Yes we can.Yes we can.Change.Change.Change.Change.

    Yes they are dumb.
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